Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stamped Concrete, Concrete Countertops, and Cinder Blocks.

Ask a Pro:

Hello Sue,
Q.- Can you stain over stained stamped concrete?
A.- Yes, so long as the sealer has been completely removed or worn away. You can pour water on to test. If it soaks right in then the stain should also, and if it kinda sits there for a while or beads up, then you may have sealer to remove. You should also do a small test with the stain in an out of the way place to be sure.

Hello Andy,
Q.- A friend and I have cast a concrete concrete counter-top, and are not satisfied with the color. I've suggested staining the concrete, but wanted to ask you if you've had any experience using your stains on counters, and have had any luck with it.
A.- Acid stain, especially Concrete Camouflage artist grade line of acid stain works really well with concrete countertops. Actually we sell quite a bit of stain for countertops.
You should cast a small sample piece if you can to test the color(s) on to ensure you like it before staining the real thing. Especially since they are already colored which will the change the final color and effect of the stain.

Hello Phil,
Q.- I have exterior cinder block walls that I want to stain-can I do it??
A.- You need to ensure that there is no paint, sealer, or other contaminant on the surface or in the pores. Other than that we have seen excellent results with cinder blocks. You may want to stain it only and forego sealing leaving it as a vertical surface in it's natural flat state, or seal it with the New Advanced Formula water base satin finish sealer - Clear Shield Advanced by Concrete Camouflage, but you decide.